Solving a Problem with Great Design

Solving a Problem with Great Design

At Clockwork Soldier, our vision is to design exciting, fun, and educational products that enhance the learning of children and do our best to be as sustainable as possible in so doing.

Pocket Money Kits

We are rather fond of our perfect little kits that act as a quick pick-up gift, a rainy day mini-project, a party bag toy, or a Christmas stocking filler. Fun to play and easy to make, our pocket money range covers a variety of themes, is environmentally kind, and is reasonably priced. What's not to like? We have so many Pocket Money Gifts for you to choose from, but let us showcase some of our favourites for you, all of which are plastic-free and made from just one piece of recycled card!

Create Your Own Bouncing Bunny

With this delightful, fun gift, you make a reversible, beautiful, bouncing bunny with wobbly ears who will hop along your desk. You can see how high your bunny can hop and challenge your friends in a Carrots versus Cabbages noughts and crosses game.


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