Clockwork Soldier collaborates with partners around the world, creating bespoke products and ranges for customers in the UK and Europe.

We have worked with top publishers to develop and manufacture book projects. Over time the reach of the company has expanded with international distribution deals across Europe.


In recent years we have worked on many successful licensing deals with clients including the Royal Opera House and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.

Usually, a combination of bespoke creation and licensing deal, these projects allow both Clockwork Soldier and the partner client to sell the product.

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We have a proven track record over the years. We have created everything from an ancient sailing ship to a Giraffe House, a scaled down model of an aircraft carrier and even a book that turns into a city.

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As a company we are continuously developing new creative ideas. Given the card and paper substrates we use and the educational nature of our work, we constantly cross the line into the world of publishing.

In 2019 our first collaboration with Prestel, Citygami London - won a Gift of the Year Award!

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