Beehive Game Extras


Extra Beehive Games

The Bee Bounce

 1 - 3 Players

Before you start

Drop 5 bees into the centre of the sunflower. One or two players will have a pile of 24 bees each and three players, 16 bees each.

 How to Play

  1. The players take turns to drop one bee at a time into the sunflower.
  2. The aim is to get the bee you are dropping in to touch any of the bees in the sunflower.
  3. If your bee lands on or touches one of the bees in the sunflower, you can remove that bee and add it to your pile.
  4. If your bee does not land on or touch one of the bees, then your bee remains in the sunflower.
  5. The first person to collect 10 bees from the sunflower wins. If you are playing by yourself, can you time how long it takes to collect 10 and then beat your own time?


Building Challenges

Using the domino pieces to try and make these sculptures. Then use the bees to decorate your sculptures.

- Try to make a square.

- Try to build the tallest bee tower.

- Try to make an arch.

- Try to build a bridge for your little bees.

- Try to make a Beehive.


Bee Number Bonds

Have fun playing number bonds with your bee friends.

Use the adding (+) and equals (=)

Can you use the bees to make 10 multiple ways?

If you need some help, look at the example below.

1 BEE + 9 BEES = 10 BEES

To make this more challenging mix it up by using the subtraction (-), and multiplication (x) signs.