In recent years we have worked on many successful licensing deals with clients including the Royal Opera House and Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.

Usually, a combination of bespoke creation and licensing deal, these projects allow both Clockwork Soldier and the partner client to sell the product.

See our examples below.

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Wetland Wildlife Trust

Working with the WWT was a real pleasure and a complete gift in terms of creative alignment. The WWT’s message is so strong you can’t help but get carried away when creating product ideas for such an amazing cause with such a rich and diverse mine of subject matter a wealth of ideas was easy to come with.

Our final solutions were based on introducing children to the animals and habitats of the Wetland trust with a beautiful origami kit and for older children and a quirky game of Make Your Own Blow Ducks for the younger children.

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Royal Opera House

Always on the lookout for a fun exciting new project we were delighted to work on a brief to create a new range of activity gifts for the Royal Opera House. Based on a visit to the Opera House we created an activity range based around learning all about the world of performing arts and stage craft.

The range features a beautiful Make Your Own Theatre and a Create Your Own Costume kit with a fairy tale theme.

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Belle & Boo

Working with Belle and Boo was a very different way of working for us. Although commercially we never sold the products, we have added this as an example of a collaborative project between two creative companies using our cardboard engineering, and manufacturing knowledge and Belle & Boo’s beautiful illustrations and graphics.

The two companies have synergy and worked on creating unique and original product ideas together.

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