As a company we are continuously developing new creative ideas. Given the card and paper substrates we use and the educational nature of our work, we constantly cross the line into the world of publishing.

In 2019 our first collaboration with Prestel, Citygami London - won a Gift of the Year Award!

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Citygami London

Creativity and innervation are at the heart of what we do. So, we were only too happy to dig through our stockpile of concepts when publishers Prestel approached us asking if we had any interesting ideas. Citygami London is a book that turns into the city of London. Tear each page along a kiss- cut line then fold it back to create a London Landmark.

To save on waste we used the top part of the torn away page to create a set of 40 trump cards and a pack to put them in.

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Citygami Berlin

Prestel the publisher we worked on the Citygami London project with is an imprint of Penguin Random House and their German Parent company liked the Citygami London so much they commissioned us to do a Berlin edition.

The concept followed the idea of the first London version except the pop out cards on this addition are interlocking architectural dominoes that can be interlocked and built into infinitely different numbers of architectural structures.

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