The Pendulum of Power Extras

Discover the Psychology

Discover the science behind the tricks with Dr. Gustav Kuhn, director of the MAGIC Lab.


How to Perform Your Trick

Learn top tips for performing your trick and take your magic show to the next level!

 Performance Story

Watch professional magician, Arthur Roscha, perform the trick to see how you can captivate and confound your audience by adding a story to your performance!

Make and perform this baffling pendulum illusion. Amaze your friends and family with three incredible mind reading pendulum illusions. Tap into the unconscious mind and learn to read and control hidden thoughts! Watch and learn from professional magician, Arthur Roscha!

Clockwork Soldier and the world-renowned MAGIC LAB are bridging the gap between craft, magic and science. Easy-to-build kits that delve into the science behind magic. Learn all about the psychology of magic and amaze your friends with an original performance, created by professional magicians.

 Download instructions in German here.

Performance: Arthur Roscha

 For more information about the science of magic visit the MAGIC lab website

Further reading: here is a book by Gustav Kuhn that tells you more about the psychology of magic.  Experiencing the Impossible - The Science of Magic, MIT Press