Deep Dive of Discovery

Deep Dive of Discovery

Deep Dive of Discovery

Have you ever wondered what percent of the Earth is water? If you look at a map, it seems like most of the planet is aquatic. In fact, about 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered, and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all Earth's water. Our Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape was designed to teach children through play to be inspired, thrilled and intrigued by our oceans, and in so doing perhaps they will do better at taking care of the environment than we have.

With our plastic-free gift, children can explore the depths of the ocean by creating an amazing seascape: a 3-in-1 project with a 3D wall chart, fact-packed board game, and fun activities to keep them entertained for hours.

 Fact Time: Coral Reefs
Coral reefs are tiny underwater communities, made from millions of tiny animals called ‘hard coral polyps’, that stick together. They form into lots of different shapes and colours. Coral is found in quite shallow water because it feeds on nutrients from algae, which need plenty of sunlight to thrive.

Teaching Children to Love the Ocean

The ocean is an incredibly important part of the environment. As the ocean goes, the earth goes. But why should our children care about the ocean and protect it? We want to create brilliant and fun gifts for children that, through creative play, teach them something that hopefully sticks with them and leaves a legacy. Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape hopefully creates a love of the ocean and may even lead to children having a conservation mindset. That’s the dream! As your child starts to explore Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape, they will take a trip down through an underwater world. Journey deep to the bottom of the ocean and discover the fascinating creatures and colourful plants that live in the deep - from the tiny shrimp to the big blue whale!

 Fact Time: Plastic
Plastic that is put into our rivers eventually flows all the way down until it reaches the ocean. When plastics make their way into the oceans, it can cause lots of damage to marine life.

Plastic-Free Gifts Your Child Will Love

Purchasing a Clockwork Soldier gift means two things for the child who receives it: joy and creativity. All this and they receive a gift that has a true environmental ethos – we are committed to reducing waste and removing plastics from our products. Everybody benefits! On one side of our Create Your Own Deep Blue Seascape is a beautifully illustrated seascape showing some of the amazing creatures that live in the ocean. On the other side, a fantastic, fact-packed board game! Hang the seascape on your wall and enjoy playing with the 3D submarine, boat and creatures included.