Learning Should Make You Smile

Learning Should Make You Smile

Learning Should Make You Smile

We create joyous, educational, and eco-friendly gifts for children: creative, paper activities and crafty kits for big imaginations. Our products are first and foremost designed to be fun, but we believe that learning through play is a vital part of a child's development.


      • To inspire and nurture young minds through imaginative play and holistic learning.
      •  To empower children to explore, experiment and create.
      • To design exciting products that are kind to the world we live in.


Clockwork Soldier was founded in 2010 from the back bedroom of founder, Rob Dakin’s flat. The original ranges were born from a need for beautiful alternatives to traditional toys, particularly to fill the gap in the market for creative kits aimed at boys. Over the years the brand has developed to include holistic learning themes and the use of sustainable materials. Our offerings have covered gardening kits, stationery sets, puzzles, games and novelty gifts. Now we focus on creative kits that encourage building or making which can also be used to decorate a bedroom wall or desk. Designing experiences through play that cultivate a child’s intellectual, physical and creative development is at the heart of what we do at Clockwork Soldier, with each product ensuring that learning brings joy and makes children smile.

Why is Holistic Learning important?

Holistic learning:

  • Focuses on the whole child
  • Respects the child and nurtures individuality
  • Naturally develops social-emotional skills
  • Helps children reach their true potential
  • Interconnects all aspects of learning
  • Empowers children to become curious problem-solvers
  • Ensures that learning is fun and makes children smile

There are so many reasons why holistic learning is important, reasons that inspire us here at Clockwork Soldier to keep pushing ourselves to design ever more fun, interactive, and innovative products, designed to provide joy and learning to children. We promise, that in delivering our vision to nurture and empower young minds by providing learning opportunities through play.

Let us tell you about how our epic toys and gifts can help your child LEARN THROUGH PLAY:

Arts & Crafts

Our arts and craft products are creative and fun, and usually non messy. Each product promotes learning through creative play and discovery. Be it colouring or mask making for the younger designer, creating pop up worlds, or making giant animal friends, each product is simple to make with no messy glue or scissors needed.

Creative Play

Creative play can help children immerse themselves in different themes and subject matter, allowing them to learn and explore through play.

Learn about Literacy

Create stories, invent characters, send heart felt messages, or complete some of our activity sheet. Our products promote literacy through creative play - promoting reading and imaginative play as integral parts of a creative project so a child might learn literacy skills in a holistic way.

Learn about nature

We believe that nature is fun and has so much to teach us. Our products reflect these ideas in so many ways. Packed with facts and activities with a wide and ever-growing range of subjects, from the natural world around us, to the oceans, from birds and insects to the natural history of dinosaurs.

Learn about Science

The power of science is incredible! The educational aspects of our products touch on subjects such as Space science in which a child can learn about our Solar system, flight, aerodynamics. Children can also learn about the science of nature in which they can learn about Eco systems, food chains, the environment, and even grow their own plant life.

Interactive play

To us, interactive play is so important as it promotes social interaction, exploration, and story-telling skills, but mostly it encourages a child to use their imagination, to think independently and to problem solve by themselves.

Use your imagination

The power of a child's imagination is an amazing thing. Imaginative play helps in a child's development across most aspects of the learning process. Be it lateral thought, cognitive recognition, or memory development. When a child uses their imagination, it can develop their personality and help them make sense of the world.

Builds Confidence

Children can build and grow in confidence through different aspects of play, be it through repetitive learning, positive role modelling, fact learning, social interaction our products can help in many ways.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills, dexterity, and coordination are key skills used in the majority of Clockwork Soldier products. Making things should be fun. Learning techniques, and craft skills will help develop a child's fine motor skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination

An important but sometimes over looked part of the learning process, hand-eye coordination activities can be found in many of our products, be it flicking a mini golf ball through a world landmark, or simply building one of our model kits.

Problem Solving

Clockwork Soldier products promote problem solving skills in a number of different ways. Children can learn theses skills through using our activity sheets, learning how to make things work, or creative development amongst other processes.

Social Skills

Social skills in play terms can be gained in a multitude of different activities and through all forms of shared play experiences. Children can learn by creating characters, creating performances, role play and dress up. Children will learn more about speech, communicating ideas and learning to compromise. All these skills will help them to play well with others. Take a look at some of the products that promote these skills.

Worldly Wise

To us, having a broader view of the world around us is really important for growth and learning. Be it the subjects of citizenship, the natural world, or cultural difference. Learning about our beautiful world and our place in it has a very high value particularly in more recent times.


The educational benefits of our toys and gifts are very important to us and we think carefully about each of them. Not only to make them fun to play but also a learning event. Just don't tell them that! Take a look at the gifts you can buy that inspire LEARNING THROUGH PLAY.

Here are just a few to get you started...