The Clockwork Soldier Design Process

The Clockwork Soldier Design Process

The Clockwork Soldier Design Process


The ideas for Clockwork Soldier products come from the most unexpected places! We work through lots of ideas before anything makes it to the next stage. Our founder, Rob, often sketches out ideas for our paper engineer, Helen, to turn into kits. Once a concept has been decided on there are a few more questions to answer. How big will the product be? Which age range will it be aimed at? Can we add any fun extra features?

Rough models

Our paper engineer hand-cuts rough designs in the studio to test out different mechanisms for new products. The number of tests depends on the complexity of the product. Some are quick; others go through many different versions.


Off to the factory

Once a model is working correctly, we make a ‘spec’. This is a flat digital version of the product that gets sent to the factory. From this file the factory makes a white model so that we can check everything is working correctly.



 Next, it’s time for some colour! We gather inspiration and reference material and put together the style and colour palette of each product. We aim to make the products appeal to kids and look great on a bedroom shelf or wall. This is also when we create the instructions. Each step is carefully drawn out to make the model as easy to assemble as possible.

Finished product

The first printed models (or pre-pros) come back from the factory and go through thorough testing in the studio. Any final changes are made now before we give the factory the final go-ahead to print.